An Open Invitation to Join USANA (and YES! No sneak attack! 🤣)

I’ve just joined USANA last week and have been through some fantastic trainings to learn more about the business. I joined this business because I have the intention to help as many people as I can succeed in not just building a sustainable long-term residual income, but become healthier, happier and better people during the whole business building process.


It’s is perfectly NORMAL to not feel comfortable when faced with an invitation.
Like everyone else, I too had my doubts, anxieties, worries, fears, recalls of unpleasant experiences, attempts to understand etc. It’s all part of being human.

Is USANA legal? Is it just another P… scheme or sc*m? Is it registered with DSAS?
Can I earn more than my sponsor? Is the compensation plan fair? Do people really need the products? …….

Congratulations! You are Completely Human!

It is completely legitimate to be in business with USANA! Yes, it is registered with DSAS. The Compensation Plan is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! The products are of the highest quality in the industry with potency guaranteed! You’ll certainly sleep well at night knowing that those who consume USANA products are healthy, safe and well nourished with all the nutrition they actually need but cannot get enough of from the food that we all eat today!

There are so many more good things to learn and know about USANA! Well, I shall not overload you with information. Just be rest assured that USANA is all good!
That’s why I’m All In =)

Those who know me will know that I’m serious about helping people help more people… So if you join me in USANA, you are definitely in good hands. I will journey with you to make sure nobody steals your dreams, and when people fail to steal your dreams, you will succeed in having your dreams come true!

Whatever your reason is to make a legacy income with me, whatever your deepest WHY is, know that You are my WHY 🤜🏼🤛🏼

You are hereby and now warmly invited to join me to become your own boss, achieve financial and time freedom, and to have all the health, wealth, time and energy to spend with the people who truly matter to you!

By joining hands with me and my sponsor who is a Nutritionist for over 10 years and the youngest Ruby Director in Singapore, you can certainly be blessed and become a real blessing to many people! We are all part of the fastest growing team in Singapore, and you can be assured of the amazing support and energy level when you hang around us!

Network marketing may be quite different from affiliate marketing, but both forms of marketing can be done online, especially since COVID-19 struck, and the world has begun to realise that many traditional and physical activities and events can actually happen online, saving on costs and yet engaging an even bigger audience… To commute and meet up to pre-qualify or qualify prospects for a network marketing business might just become unpopular in time to come. Some traditional businesses have even gone bust, and if you don’t learn to do things online, you might become obsolete one day.

Some skills required to do affiliate marketing can thus soon become applicable and relevant to do network marketing as the network marketing companies will begin to realise that they have to start letting people join them more easily online.

USANA produces the highest quality products that are just mind-blowing, pays weekly, have an excellent company track record, have an awesome compensation plan that allows the newest members to succeed easily and fairly, and even exceed their sponsors if they put in the work… I’m with the most awesome team I’ve ever come across, and the team culture is simply great!

To journey with me in business, kindly text me first on Facebook or LinkedIn.

If you just want to be a Preferred Customer, you can simply purchase the excellent products to improve the health of your loved ones and your good self HERE. In fact, you can also enroll directly as a Business Associate HERE! Yet, it’s best that you connect with me first if you intend to build a business.

I sincerely welcome you work closely with me and my wonderful team, and together we will build you a legacy that you can be proud of!

Blessing you!

Rooting For You!

Patrick Alphonsus
USANA – Health, Wealth and Freedom