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Without death, there’s no Resurrection.
Just like a caterpillar, we will all go through a time of chrysalis
before emerging as a beautiful butterfly =)

My Personal Death And Resurrection Story…

I’ve been a self-taught affiliate marketer since 2000. I was able back then to generate money on demand, balancing my ad expense for healthy profit margins, but just prior to scaling full swing using all my knowledge and skills, I was launched into a major depression near the end of 2012 due to painful matters at home, causing me to have most of my memories from 1999 to 2012 wiped out… which included most of my knowledge and some vital skills to make money both online and offline.

For about slightly more than 8 years now, I’ve been recovering and rediscovering myself and working towards knowing and understanding who I was in order to find my key and bearing to become who I truly am.

I was literally on my own (not really though as my God has always been by my side all throughout the darkest moments till now) to pick up the pieces of that dark episode which in short led to the total abandonment by my closest family with a painful divorce and annulment by the Church. I couldn’t remember correctly many of my friends, and attending social events like weddings or funerals were a literal nightmare for me, so I avoided them like plagues, except for a few of my closer friends.

I shall cut the story short because I know that I could end up writing a novel if I were to write about my life, and certain parts are still raw to me. So, pardon me if my story somewhat sounds truncated like the experience of my life.

In order to survive the ordeal, I needed to first heal mentally and physically. So, I got myself treated, all while having to deal with the unbelievably early divorce request from a “wife” I could hardly remember, let alone connect with or be able to wrap my mind around who she really was to me, trying to spend time with my “children” who were deliberately kept away from me and who quickly abandoned me after being brainwashed, a fresh mountain of financial debts that I had no idea how they materialized over just about three months which were a total blank to me, a super drastic weight loss, memory loss and some health issues like blood in the urine, odd coloured stools, excessive yet visually undetectable visceral fats around the liver… The list actually can go on because every small issue always finds a way to ignite another issue…

I had to closely monitor my emotions and my diet, stop all online marketing activities following doctor’s orders in order not to get myself into a financial vicious cycle, find myself a tutoring job with a fixed schedule set out for me by others to handle my finances, meet counsellors to help me find solutions, clarity and purpose, and most importantly meet Jesus for long hours to heal the wounds that were humanly impossible to heal…

Throughout my recovery and rediscovery journey, I was forced to process information quite differently. See, I needed to teach, and had to force myself to relearn practically everything I needed to teach my students. As a result, I acquired a Growth and Learning Mindset, and a simple belief that I can teach anything because I can learn anything. It takes an attitude and humungous effort, but it can all be done.

God really has a way to completely turn our trials and tribulations into abundant blessings! When you are faced with trials and tribulations, or storms in your life, remember, it’ll always be short-lived when you know what God truly has in store for you for all of eternity!

When my doctor discharged me completely and gave me the green light to relearn affiliate marketing online, I took baby steps to learn things from scratch because I really only wanted to rediscover myself, to find out what makes me do what I did…

I’ve learned this along the way: It’s not always helpful to hear from people what they think of you. It is more useful to be deaf to what others are thinking and quietly do our own honest-to-God reflection on how we have lived our life so far, and how we intend to continue living.

It is pretty common for many to perceive those who are involved in sales and marketing as merely doing things for money. The truth , however, is definitely not easily perceivable. Who cares what others think? As long as you are truly at peace with yourself, all is great!

I’ve come to discover that although I need to weigh pros and cons and track numbers which I simply love doing because of my affinity with Mathematics, my motivations and intentions all stem from my personal interest in the well being of everyone I meet. I’m interested in helping others succeed, more than anything else.

Over the years, I’ve kept my intentions close to my heart. If you’re reading this, you’re basically getting to know me at a deeper level.

To me, only the Will of God for me truly matters.

Some close friends told me that I am a person who befriends anyone, including the weirdest and the most abandoned people around. It has always been that way, and I know that I’m still the same person now.

I’ll realistically consider myself still a toddler at the moment in the industry of affiliate marketing. Although I can now make money online on demand, to actually impart my knowledge and skills is a totally different matter altogether! I’m still learning how and I intend to do so better and in time to come.

Time is a resource that waits for nobody. So, in order to help people succeed while I’m still learning how to help more effectively, I’ll have to be humble for now and start simple by first recommending to people the resources that I’ve been testing out and finding useful for creating success.

I’ve just gotten myself a simple ZenBook as my old laptop finally gave way.

So, yes, I’ll start my own course in due time, and with the help from my new laptop, hopefully soon 😉 It’s a process that cannot be rushed, and if you’re waiting, kindly be patient with me… because I’ll get there =) Have to take “3 days” to rebuild the temple =)

Now Is The Time For Resurrection!

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The whole point about empowering others to be able to make money online is not about making money, but it’s more about helping more people become more self sufficient and be able to make sound choices in life as opposed to many who are forced to make choices out of desperation.

A wealthy man masters over money.
A rich man is mastered by money.

Who are you?

I wish you a pleasant life journey growing to become the best version of yourself — the person you are born and meant to be!

Blessed Easter Everyone!

Rooting For You!

Patrick Alphonsus
USANA – Health, Wealth and Freedom