A Simple Way To Start Earning While You Learn…

I like things simple.
So I’ll do my best to make things simple for you here.

In this post, I’m going to lay down a game plan for you to follow. Please read through to the end and ask me questions (intelligent questioning) 😊

To make money online, you need 2 things up and running for you.

1️⃣ Sales Funnel
☀️ Provide Value
Know what your target audience needs and make the relevant offers…
☀️ Build Your Clientele Base
Capture your visitors’ email addresses and follow up by offering value, sharing testimonials, building rapport etc. Eventually, some of them will buy from you.

2️⃣ Driving Web Traffic to your Sales Funnel
This actually builds up your clientele base and makes you sales.

That’s all.

Let’s first consider the ✒️Sales Funnel…

Either you create one or use one created by someone else. It would take a while for you to learn to create one, so I would move in the direction of using an existing well-oiled funnel created by someone else to start you on this journey.

I’ve chosen Chuck’s funnel because it has a free course that is helpful when it comes to shortening your learning curve to make money online doing affiliate marketing. It would take some time for me to build a good course up that can work for everyone. Yes, I’ll be doing so. Meanwhile, this is the plan using what’s already available and known to be great.

You’ll be introducing others to Chuck’s free Super Affiliate Marketing Course that will make you some money as your visitors get serious about affiliate marketing. This is something totally do-able, profitable and it also gives you the opportunity to understand the whole online marketing process at the same time 👍🏼

Now, for a start, if you choose not to use an autoresponder like GetResponse in this case, you would still be able to make sales without building up your clientele base. But, if you truly want to turn this into a long term income, using an autoresponder is the way to begin. If you need help here, just let me know.

Let’s move on to ✒️ Driving Web Traffic

Some people classify web traffic into 5 types. I’ll personally prefer to broadly and simply categorize them into 2 kinds: Free and Paid.

Word of mouth is free. Some of you are already experts when it comes to this. Or it could be latent inside you.

Basically, to run any business, we need to connect with people. As we age, sometimes we lose our motivation to connect with people due to the many disappointments we face in life. Think about this.

Social media traffic may not seem relevant, but it is. Think of your business as benefitting someone you may not know directly. Your friend who “knows” you may not actually know you. Similar to the story of Jesus. He is rejected by the very people who were with him when he grew up. Isn’t he the carpenter’s son? But your friends’ friends (like the Gentiles)… they just might see the real value you have to offer!

Even using WhatsApp can be effective, fast and even viral!

BUT… there is a pretty thin line between sharing and spamming… advertising can be a tricky issue.

That’s why starting a personally branded blog is a good way to share without blatantly advertising in your text messages… get the drift? You can point people to your blog where you share your experiences, thoughts, dreams…. plus your biz opportunities or products…

A Facebook page might be a good idea, but a blog is usually far better at getting people to be letting down their guard and be more open to what you have to offer. A Facebook page gives people the idea that you are doing something big, and if they have a different perspective of you, like you’re the “carpenter’s son”, then the results would likely be less than ideal as compared to a blog.

So starting a blog is a great traffic driving strategy that’s long term.

Traffic exchanges (TRAFFIC Ad Bar and TrafficSwarm) work well if you are using a capture page. But Chuck’s sales page converts pretty well there, so it’s worth putting it up there.

Buying traffic from Udimi can work well, but you need to be able to track your sales conversion to decide whether or not to scale things up. Meaning, let’s simply say you have 3 out of 100 people visiting your site and only 1 buying from you, you have a 3% click through rate and a 33% conversion rate. As more visitors are asked to view your site, these numbers go down a little. So you need time to test things out on a small scale, and only scale up your marketing when the results are consistently good. As a guide, if your click through rate is more than 40% and your conversion rate is more than 15%, you can start scaling up progressively. These percentages may drop when you scale things up. So, scale things up gradually to make better decisions on whether to scale them up even further.

Now, it’s going to be an extra long post if I continue to talk about traffic. So I’ll stop here for now. The plan is simple. Keep it simple and you can start making money sooner.

Ask me questions. Easier to guide you that way 😉

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