Is Marketing Merely A Number’s Game?

Many people change after they have become a sales person or a marketer or a business person, and I want you to be aware of this and thus be able to stay true to who you truly are.

I see it important today to bring to your awareness the main culprit…

Be careful not to turn your leads, prospects and clientele into mere numbers. It may be a “number’s game” to most marketers, but in truth, it’s actually an exchange of goodwill and value between people. People buy from us or do business with us because they have placed their trust in us.

Just remember that when we talk about click through rates, sales conversion rates… we are referring to real actual people.

Also, if you are serving with a person in mind instead of just merely trying to ramp up numbers, then you will become a better online marketer and business person, and your sales will also go up because you become closer to your true self, and you will be sending out great and healthy signals for your clients to trust you 

When you become the person you are meant to be, your sales will follow suit. So, treating your clientele as people rather than mere numbers is the way to go!

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