Never Re-Invent The Wheels?

Nowadays, we hear about startups who have created another innovative software or technology and raked in millions over night.

Are they all truly unique and original?

The truth is, everything under the sun has already been created, and we haven’t yet heard about the 101 other companies that came before and failed…

When a new startup blows up all over the news, chances are they have already taken something that has already existed and made it a lot better.

The shape and idea of the wheel remains the same.  You can be creative though as to what colour you want your wheel to be, what material to use and the pattern for the wheel…  Your wheel needs to be suitable for your business just like how a car wheel is needed for a car and a bicycle wheel is needed for a bicycle.

The wheel can also turn into a gear for instance and be used in other ways! Who says we can’t add teeth to a wheel? =)

Building an online business is the exact same thing.

Try to be a hero who is “unrealistically different” and there shall be consequences to face.  Our business needs to work like a full circle.

The idea of a cycle that repeats itself, that’s business! Yet, the circle need not be a perfect circle, so to speak, as long as you get your cycles going. So, as you start a business, you draw your first circle, and many more circles as the years go by… Get my drift?

Now, would it make more sense to learn from someone who knows exactly what to do, step by step?

Someone out there has already spent years of trial and error to find out exactly what works and how to shape your wheel. Chuck is one of them. He has not only created a free all-in-one course that I’m personally pretty impressed with, but has also formed a whole community to help beginners build an online business starting from scratch.

The good news is Chuck is also willing to mentor you every step of the way until you see results.

So, CLICK HERE, access the free course aimed to help you become a Super Affiliate, and join up as a Partner when you are ready to go further and receive some great mentoring. It’s business, and the best thing to do is to invest in yourself, and invest in a mentor when you are ready to step things up!

Have a Full Wheel of Blessings!

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