The Sales Process

Most people can’t make any sales online because they did not get this right. You need to get the sales process right in your mind, else whatever you do would not work.

It is of utmost importance to have the correct ideas and intentions during each stage of the online sales process.

The conversion from viewers to buyers would always depend upon doing this process correctly.

Doing this process wrongly would be an error, which when not corrected, would cause you to have zero sales online.

The continuity or progression from one stage to another is just as important. If there’s a disconnect, you basically sabotage your whole sales process.

1. Your Ad

The sales process basically starts with an ad.

During this stage, your aim is to attract the viewer to click through your ad. The viewer should not perceive your ad as trying to get them to buy something. More so if we’re advertising on social platforms. We must also take note of the kind of language we use. Social language on a social platform.

Get creative here. Your ads should provoke thoughts and emotions, create curiosity and suspense, interrupt patterns, look different, intentionally confuse with ambiguity, challenge beliefs, controversial… basically get people to click!

Have fun thinking out of the box!

If you don’t get this stage right, you can forget about the other stages because you’ll unlikely be getting the opportunity to convert your viewers to buyers.

2. Your Presell Page

After the viewer clicks through your ad, they would land on your presell page.

There must be continuity. What they see from the ad should be “repeated” here. Not the whole ad, but the elements that remind the viewer of the ad should be present, making the viewer feel at ease instead of having their guard up.

Your aim here is to shift their mindset from being an ad viewer to being aware of their problem and being interested to find out more about the possible solutions you have to offer.

Bring their attention to a certain problem they are facing and then offer them something like a few tips to curb their problem in exchange for their email address or other particulars. You are not selling them your product at this point, but preparing them to look at your product on the next page after they click through the presell page.

3. Offer/Sales Page

After the viewer clicks through your presell page, the expectation needs to be met on the offer or sales page. The sales pages of different vendors convert differently. We need to actually go through the sales page to test and see if it’s able to convert cold traffic to buyers. This is what I’ll look out for, the ability of the sales page to convert cold leads to sales. Test and track small. Scale up gradually when the rates are acceptable and profitable.

When the first 2 stages are done right, sales conversion would be the natural occurrence. Bear in mind that your visitors are real people who are looking for a solution you can offer with your product(s).

We can test the ad, the presell page and the offer together or separately for their click through rates. I personally think that about 40% CTR is acceptable for us to consider scaling up. The higher the better of courseĀ 

I do test out my ad copies using traffic exchanges like TrafficSwarm and TRAFFIC Ad Bar.


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